Why are there Miniature Dogs?

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Tiny things can sometimes be all the rage, and miniature dogs are the exact same. But how did our favorite large doggos become so small? After all, dogs are bred for specific traits and a bigger dog can be more helpful for certain people. How did smallness get into the mix?

Well, like many things, humans had a hand in it. Dogs were originally more wolf-like because they had to fight and hunt and be big to survive in the world. These were the true dogs that had been descended from wolves, but once humans started adopting them as pets and caring for them they evolved. They didn’t have to adapt to a hard world and now adapted towards being adorable!

Adapting cute features and tiny bodies helped them be more desirable towards humans, and that’s why so many dogs grow up to be even more adorable. Nature and their environment has made them that way.

Several dogs were used in the old days for hunting, fighting, herding, and other types of jobs that required being large and imposing. Many of those dogs are now the ones that we have miniature versions of today, all because they either adapted or were specifically crossbred to become smaller than normal.

akc schnauzer puppies

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized most small dogs and they are now official breeds. Now the akc schnauzer puppies and other miniature dogs are able to be adopted without any trouble, and they are now all the cuter for it!

Not all tiny puppies are miniature, so when you go in to adopt a dog, just ask for a small one. Small dogs are great for people with small apartments or who are on the go a lot. Plus, these pooches can fit in your lap with no trouble!