Signs of Rats in the Home

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Rats are huge, unsightly pests that no homeowner wants to see run through the kitchen or even the backyard. Rats carry disease, they bite, and they can damage everything they come into contact with. If you suspect there is a problem with rats at your place, do not hesitate to pick up the phone to call a pest control professional. The signs that you may have a problem with rats include:

·    Droppings: One of the most common signs that homeowners use to discover a problem with rats is the droppings they leave behind. Rat droppings are about 14 mm in length and brown in color. It resembles a grain of rice.

·    Footprints: Rat footprints are fairly easy to identify. If you see footprints in the house, especially in dirty/dusty areas, pick up the phone to schedule rat removal dallas.

·    Scratching Noises: Black rats are also called roof rats. This rat makes its entrance through your upper floor or through the roof. Scratching noises signal that the rat is attempting to make its way inside or that it has already accomplished the goal.

·    Nests: Rat nests are found in many places, but they’re all hidden in hopes they won’t be discovered. The nests that rats use are made from a variety of materials that the rat has collected and shredded, such as old fabrics and newspaper. Oftentimes the nest is hidden nearby a food source.

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No More Rats

Rats are not a pest that most of us want to see in our homes. And while they can be difficult to remove, it is not impossible when the right professionals are there to take care of the job. But it is important to pick up the phone and make the call to schedule service as quickly as possible. Rats multiply quickly and every minute that you wait to call is another minute that more rats can make their way into your home.