Is Snow Safe for Your Dog to Eat?

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Denver has seen more than its fair share of snow this year. While every year brings snow, this year has brought down an unusual amount of the white stuff, which kids and many animals enjoy and it’s great for tourism in the state. But when it comes to keeping your pet safe, you should learn if it is okay to let them eat the snow they love to play in.  The answer is surprising to many pet owners but it is better to learn than to be without this necessary information.

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Many people love to see their dogs playing out in the snow. Dogs love to dig their noses deep into the snow and have as much fun as any little one in the snow. However, it is not safe for your pet to eat snow. Snow has so many different chemicals, waste, and salt in it that it may not be easy for your pet to digest the snow. It can lower the dog’s ore body temperature, making them susceptible to hypothermia. Salt can hurt the dog’s stomach but it also build up on the dog’s paws. While you can visit dog boarding denver co facilities and take advantage of grooming, the salt can actually hurt their paws until this appointment.

What can you do to ensure that your dog doesn’t eat any of the white stuff? After all, keeping them inside is impossible because they need to use the bathroom and get their exercise. You can shovel out an area for the dog to use while snow is on the ground or limit the time they spend outside while the snow is on the ground. With the chilling temperatures, most pet owners won’t mind those quick visits outside and back inside.