Handling a Big Dog

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One of the common problems for families who adopt puppies into their homes is the realization that the dogs will not stay puppies forever. Pups such as Golden Retrievers and Labradors won’t stay small forever, and while many houses are equipped to deal with a small pup they have trouble dealing with a large dog.

golden retriever puppies augusta ga

If adopting one of these dogs and caring for its entire lifespan is something you want to do, then your home will have to grow along with the dog. The first step comes with identifying problems before they occur, so as your golden retriever puppies augusta ga begin to grow, take the time to figure out any hazards.

If the dog gets big enough to reach the table, set rules early to determine where he should be during dinner time. Then once he learns them as a puppy, he will follow them as an adult. If there are areas your dog shouldn’t be in, then make sure that he knows about them early. The habits are much harder to break as an adult dog, so get the training in early.

Next, consider the cost of raising an adult dog when it comes to food. While a puppy might not eat a ton, a full-sized adult dog will certainly be eating more food per day. Keep an eye on your finances as your dog grows and stay watchful on food prices, that way your wallet will be prepared for the growth spurt.

Finally, nurture your dog with the same love and care despite his or her age. The bigger the dog is, the more exercise he will need, so take the time for regular games and walks. He might have trouble running off the excess energy at first, but soon the time you spend playing together will be something you both look forward too.